Private Events

Plan Your Next Party

With Us!

Allow us to host your next event! From birthday parties to holiday parties or team building events, we’ll be sure to fit your needs. Our kitchen is perfect for learning, laughing and sharing memories!

HANDS-ON PRIVATE EVENTS: Our private events cost the same as a regular cooking class, ranging between $70-$80 per person, depending on the menu. There is no additional cost for the event being private, such as a rental fee but we do require a minimum of 12 in order to host an event. We do have a full bar where guests can order drinks (wine, beer or cocktails) throughout the class, which is an additional cost based on consumption. We’ll send you over 35 different menu options to get the ball going in a direction your group wants to go, but if they have a theme, we can definitely work with that.  Each menu has 5 dishes and everyone gets to make everything in a hands-on experience. Once all the dishes have been made, the group heads upstairs to eat everything together!

FOR LARGER GROUPS (25 to 60 guests:) We can also host larger events for groups from 25 to 60 guests for one of our “Interactive Cocktail Parties.” The cost of a larger group starts at $60 per person. For more information, please contact Katy at or 720-287-4823.

Booking and Cancellation policy: We require a 50% deposit in order to secure the date. We’ll get a final head count 2 days before the event, which the balance will be based on. Private Events that are cancelled within 3 weeks of the date of the event, forfeit their deposit. If you cancel before the 3 week mark, you may receive a refund in full.

All you have to do is…
* Choose the date and time that works the best for your group.
* Email Katy at to set up your event.

We’ll do the rest…it’s that simple!

Need Some Ideas? You can do anything! Such as…

Iron Chef CompetitionsMexican Fiesta classes with Margarita Making ~ Dim Sum Parties ~ Classic Italian DishesHoliday Themes ~ My Big Fat Greek Wedding ~ Pasta Making Parties! ~ AND SO MUCH MORE!

If you’re interested in hosting your next party at Stir, please contact Katy.

Katy Hume
Chef/Owner                                                                                                                   Phone: 720-287-4823